August 12, 2016

About Us

Comforto is a brand by Coir Comfort Industries (India) Private Limited (CCI).  The extensive experience in the mattress industry always encourages us to innovate and improvise the quality of comfort in the mattress.The manufacturing division is being handled by an experienced team of individuals whereas the retail mattress division is being handled by a young team of enthusiasts who strive to bring a revolution in the mattress buying experience. Our team is a perfect blend of experience and innovation.

Our team is highly focused on delivering quality products and strives to achieve excellence during RnD process. With vast industry experience, our directors have been engaged in supplying mattress raw materials to all prominent mattress manufacturers for last 38 years.

We have fast moved on with the mattress technology over the years and setup the first Pocket Spring manufacturing unit in Delhi.  Our in-house manufacturing of raw materials ensure premium and quality products.

Comfortto Journey

Digital Birth: The B2C way

Let us take you through the journey of the company from a wholesale only supplier to creation of a B2C digital presence.

Many people today believe that the generation gap is a bane in the process of development, but surprisingly, we at Comforto Mattress have rather leveraged upon this generation gap.

The decades old family business took an exciting turn when the young generation of family started building a vision for the company. Our young directors Pankul and Vaibhav, having their degrees in Engineering, had quite a stable corporate career when their young entrepreneurial spirit pushed them to take a plunge in the family owned business.

Whilst absorbing the benefit of strong industry presence and experience but changing some of the traditional ways of doing business, they launched the digital portal for B2C sale of mattresses. Throughout this process of transition, a lot has changed but the value system which the company follows has remained intact.

Vaibhav strongly believe in the significance of understanding customer 's needs. Hence, it isn't surprising if you happen to call us and our director's are there on the receiver's end. They have a vision of offering quality products along with great customer service to revolutionize the mattress buying experience.

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